Both Sides of the Gate

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PAN FlyerBoth sides of the Gate

This pioneering up-coming project is tailor-made for offenders, ex-offenders and their families who have either recently left prison or have 12 weeks left on their time inside.The Empowerment Both Sides of the Gate programme will provide important practical steps along the road to community and family reintegration. We will receive referrals from Her Majesty’s Prison and the London Probation Services. 


The United Kingdom (UK) has ever increasing numbers of people in incarceration and while there are a few organisations that do their best to help ex-offenders, we are uniquely positioned in that we help ex-offenders as well as their families prior to their release and then continue to help them on the outside beyond the gates. By helping the whole family and not just the offender, our project will serve to stop the cycle of sameness and help families deal with the stigma and effect of having a family member imprisoned for whatever length of time.  Empowerment both sides of the gate will run from June 2017 to June 2020 and will endeavour to help transform and equip ex-offenders and their families to ensure they do not re-offend and do more than just survive life after prison but also thrive and make a difference in society.


Criminal Trends – According to the Ministry of Justice, 1.43 million defendants were prosecuted in the UK in 2016. 84% of which, were convicted and 29% remanded in custody, that’s an increase of 7% since 2010. The average custodial sentence duration has also increased by 4.5% since 2007. And first time offenders are more likely to get convicted in court now instead of being cautioned. This rate has increased by 30% in the last 10 years, a staggering increase which has undoubtedly added to the overcrowding issues facing the prison system today.

UK re-offending rates/ trends – The proven adult re-offending rate by 2015 was at 44.7% according to the Ministry of Justice.

Recent prison population trends – There were 84,656 people inside prison and 2,181 under home detention curfew as of April 7th 2017 according to the Department of Justice. 95.14% of people incarcerated are men and this has been the trend in the most recent history to date.



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PAN Beneficiary Profile

Hanna shares her journey with PAN!  

People Arise Now are working hard to transform people’s lives like lovely Hanna through coaching, mentoring, mind-shift training, skills training and so much more!

PAN now have direct access to Her Majesty’s Prisons across the United Kingdom, which is a great and strategic opportunity to make an even more significant impact on the lives of beneficiaries with lasting results. We are determined to offer the most holistic service. Look out for our upcoming new project: Empowerment Before & After the Gates!