Our Through & Up programme is available for offenders who have 6 weeks or less to serve on their prison sentence.


We offer transitional and stabilising support to help them get back on their feet and successfully reintegrate into society.

To this end, we maintain a regular presence at a number of prisons to begin mentoring offenders on our programme pre-release.


Once the offender has been released, we continue with the mentoring and try to assist them to find employment or enrol in further studies.

Support Offered

  • Skills training – providing basic skills training in computing, numeracy, literacy and social skills, on a one to one basis as well as in group settings. 
  • Mentoring Sessions 
  • Coaching Sessions – one on one and group coaching sessions covering life coaching, get back to work programs, business start-up sessions, personal image coaching and mental well being sessions 
  • Career Advice – providing information regarding different career paths available including what subjects to choose now in line with future academic plans 
  • Changing Narratives: using the media of films, participants are encouraged to reflect on the narratives that we tell ourselves, and through verbal or written means, shift through what is helpful and what is not.
  • General information: sign posting to other services in the community 

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If you are ex-offender, or nearing the end of your sentence, and want to apply for our support, please click here.


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