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  1. Nelle says:

    I just hope wheevor writes these keeps writing more!

  2. Marian Rivera signed a contract with Jag as the newest female endorser of the premium denim line. The funny thing about it is that the original endorser for the mentioned apparel company was Angel Loscin.

  3. Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brightened my day!

  4. wikipedia states it means increasing potassium levels to balance out sodium intakes.?It means also injections etc, but yea – focused on natural sources of medication.

  5. How could I NOT include how Mr. Impossible gets stuff done?! That’s momentum. But seriously – you only do 25 pushups? I would have thought that since you’ve demonstrated , that would be your daily practice! :-)

  6. The White Dress Lalanka doll is right down my angel’s alley – she’s so pure and innocent, and with her Christening coming up, there would be no better gift to celebrate this beautiful occassion than with a Lalanka Doll in white dress to match her Christening white dress!

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  8. "European men, especially, are no longer as eager to be fodder, as they used to be. So, if the USA decides to make war on Europe again, we might find this region as the easiest pushover."European men, or European mothers. European men are more likely to be the only son in the family. In the US, 55% of children have at least two siblings, courtesy of those 20% of women who have zero children.

  9. Hola, me encanta este retrato, tiene una perspectiva muy original y la sonrisa de la protagonista esta muy bien captada, el poema es precioso.. felicidades y felices fiestas!! un beso!

  10. November 18, 2010 at 9:28 amI have learned to be up front in interviews and say that I don’t like working overtime. I used to work in advertising where many people put time on a clock but aren’t that productive and I don’t want to work in a sweatshop. I found it was better to be open and say, yeah I want to go home at 5, if something comes up I’ll stay but otherwise I’m going home to have a life.In the end it’s better to be honest, some agencies didn’t want me but I found one that did and I’m much happier going home at 5pm. Reply

  11. Hola, Hugo puedes retirar el material, en Maracay, o Caracas antes tienes que avisar en que sito, si no te conviene ninguno lo puedes hacer en la Hacienda el mismo día del evento, pero tienes que avisar, saludos….

  12. Basia dlaczego oj dlaczego Ty mnie katujesz I nigdy nie pokazesz jak takie cuda w srodku wygladaja?? :)Wiesz uwielbiam te Twoje opowieÅ›ci, bo czyta siÄ™ je jak… najlepszej jakoÅ›ci baÅ›nie takie których siÄ™ nie zapomina.Przepis jest wysmienity :) To upychanie masy w rulon mnie przeraza ale co tam…A wiesz moja Mama zawsze podawala lody z rumem albo z advokatem :)Moze Baileys’a przywioze ze soba? :)

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  14. Van Gogh as a religious painter –but of course! Thank you. I knew he was deeply religious, but I never connected the dots.Thank you for all you posts.

  15. Miner’s Granddaughter, it might have been a joke, but it was definitely a malicious one, and I can only imagine what would have happened if I was a woman, not a man, who had this profile created – she would have been at serious risk.

  16. Hi Merav, Thanks for your interest in our farm. This season’s prices are up on the site. The best time to come to the farm is during the dry season between December and May. Please let me know if you have more questions about the farm. Liz

  17. lol they’re only using the name of the game to get people to buy it, its way too different. and when its different, you name it something else. oh herp derp money? ok.

  18. It’s always a relief when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!

  19. I am so sorry that you have had to go through this… it really is one of the worst things in life to suffer. It was something I couldn’t imagine until it happened to me and it’s something that I wish didn’t. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about what might have been…Know this… you are not alone and there are many of us who you can reach out to for love, support, someone to listen, or just to sit with you.

  20. I literally jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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  22. >Having a degree from BYU on one’s resume is like>having a bad tattoo in a very visible place.If somebody will cross stitch that on a pillow and sell it at Mormon Handicraft, I’ll buy it.

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  24. Currently there are porn and smut shops, gentlemen's clubs, lingerie and adult novelty, as well as liquor stores in the vicinity of WTC. Hooters? That'd be a bit tame by comparison :)

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  30. To continue to "honor" this hack is beyond me. I have an idea. Focus on his carbon footprint for a year. I'm sure it will match a small American city. Huge home(s), vehicles – saw him climbing into a big SUV, and plane trips around the globe. The hypocrisy is mind staggering.

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  40. Oh to have a wall that could taunt me! I have a really small apartment right now that is swallowed whole with pictures and prints! I love these images though, it makes me desire a blank wall all the more.

  41. Si j’ai bien suivi l’histoire … si ça reste en l’état, la presse est morte ! Si Google désindexe la presse, elle est morte ! Quelles sont les solutions possibles ?

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  44. One thing to keep in mind re: Phil Jackson that goes beyond simply his relationship with the front office is that in that last season he honestly didn’t really seem to be fully invested.Maybe time away has recharged his batteries a little bit, but it didn’t look like he was giving 100% in that final year until the very end.

  45. I have to agree with Pete. Mainly your third point is way off. Are you seriously claiming you can objectively rank basketball players? And that the ranking of students in a stats class is more subjective? Please!

  46. Neo-nazis playing with guns? Nice… I think we have lost that tradition, but I am not sure. Get me well, I am not against immigration in se. I have no objections to some healthy admixture of genes and ideas. But what I am opposed is the complete ethnic transformation of my culture. I never asked for it, and I don’t think anyone ever did. It is far to dangerous to play with these things, and our politicians should have known that. But hey, until a few years ago it was a common-place to say: ‘we don’t have a culture, do we?’ Perhaps a tribe that ignorant just deserves to die.

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  52. I guess I have been spending too much time in the business/contracting world, because “costed” seems completely routine to me. As in Mr. Dithers saying to Dagwood, “have you costed the Grimzlik project yet?” Then steam coming out of his ears when he sees that Dagwood is asleep. MW11 records costed in this sense, and notes that is often followed by ‘out.’

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  57. I think a movie will be like my reward at the end of all of this madness! Actually watching a movie in the dark without any knitting needles in hand sounds pretty amazing. I should try it sometime soon, haha!

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  63. Hahah, you’re probably right – But at least it would be a smoosh of love? :X Maggie’s so super sweet, but she came with the warning that we have to be careful with her around toddlers. She loves them, but bumbling lovebug that she is, has a tendency to knock them over. Oops. :T

  64. The ability to think like that is always a joy to behold

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  67. – your wife's comment: AMEN! Oh the joy of being able to vote FOR something… At 45 I can't think of one instance where that was really the case; it's mostly been a "devil and the deep blue sea" sort of decision. Usually, I want the option from the movie "Brewser's Millions": None of the Above. I'd love if we could vote that and tell the parties, the choices are not good enough, try someone else.

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  69. Hi Susie, thanks for your comment. What is your son doing in Banqiao? Does he like Taiwan? We had a lovely Chinese New Year banquet with family in Banqiao this year … I am not sure if I can remember where, but will see. Mohave you been to the Museum of World Religions in Yonghe? I took mybDad to it recently, and he enjoyed it.

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  74. I love NYC!! I can’t wait to go over break. You’re making me even more excited! Cupcakes are on my to do list, but I’m not sure where to go for them. There are so many options! I’ll have to check out magnolia bakery. I’m with you on being a sucker for all things running/track/cross country. Love that sweatshirt!

  75. Folks, why are you still spewing all this monkey spank about welfare, demoncrats, ect? There’s really just one question that needs to be asked….. Do you, or do you not support the wholesale slaughter of your fellow American’s by these criminal-invading, murderous child-raping, filthy mestizo wetbacks?

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  87. Great to hear from you Roger! How far into the restoration are you? A trip to France sounds like fun! Give me the dates and I’ll see if I can make it. Might take a cushion this time, though!

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  95. Dean–I’m only at #2 and feel I may have a window of opportunity to pull away before #3 grabs hold. I don’t think I can do it on my own, though. I’m hoping to go home to a room full of family and friends that are there “because they love me, but feel they need to step in…” Terrific list! What time should we meet in your basement?-Dave

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